Boy, it’s only 2 weeks from our wedding date and with this cold weather, it’s hard not to be distracted by thoughts of Key West.

Things are pretty well ready around here.  Just a few legal details to finalize, no thanks to lawyers who don’t pay attention to details.  Anyway, Leon is lighthearted about it, as usual, so I can concentrate of other matters, like dreaming of our special day.

The Tropical party invitations went out and I am expecting everyone to attend, with one exception.  I’ve been shopping for decor and paper goods.  This part is really putting me in the mood for warmer climates.

I found out this week that I can take 6 months off work next fall.  How nice!  Now I can stay in BC with my husband and not have to come home in the fall like last year.  Living in the same city, in the same province will be a huge improvement over our daily phone calls.  So many good things are happening this year!