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I’m an educator who enjoys travelling so much that she decided to do a teaching exchange in Australia.  Why not combine work and pleasure?  You can read about my adventures here.  Go back in the archives to read about my year in Australia in greater detail.

Since my return from Australia, I’ve connected with other former exchange teachers through an organization called Canadian League for Educational Exchange (CLEE) and more recently with the BC Exchange Teachers’ Association (BCETA). We meet regularly and organize events for visiting exchangees.  I also publish a newsletter for them which you can read here.

In 2015, I made the big move from Ontario to BC after retiring from my teaching career. I am now cozily nestled in the shadow of the Coastal Mountains, just north of the US border, perfectly positioned for long trips in our trusty camper “Roadie”. Here is where I started my next chapter.

Please drop by and comment on any of the posts.  I hope you’ll find something of interest and follow my adventures regularly. You can also follow me on Twitter @tmwupsidedown. I am now on Instragram @fraservalleyhygge – where I share my day to day adventures.

Thanks for reading!

Catherine Gagnon

14 thoughts on “About me

    1. Oh course! In Ontario, our contact is CEEF.CA. Have a look at that website for a lot of information and you can then contact them for further questions you might have. We have a great support group here in Ottawa and we were certainly supported while teaching and living in Australia with the local exchange group there. I hope you pursue your dream. And thanks for dropping by.


      1. This is going in my bookmarks. Seems like a big plan. I would love to do that much travelling, but have other sort of plans. I want to settle in Australia, work and travel. Love technology so saving up for educational course. If I am on track with my budget and plans, will try getting around all those places.

        I am more determined now



  1. How exciting that you are going on another exchange in 2015! I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures and being an exchange teacher. Thanks so much for checking out and following Travel Oops! Cheers, Steph 🙂


    1. Steph, I so enjoyed reading your blog. I plan to spend a few hours reading your adventures as well. We met a lovely exchange teacher from Colorado last year and then visited him this past summer when we drove through the US with our Roadtrek camper. Your story about being a Yank reminded me of him and his tribulations while working and living in Melbourne.


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