NOLA 1Our plan was to return to the campsite in time to grab the 5pm shuttle back to the French Quarter, which we did.  As we drove home from the museum, I spotted many of the popular attractions including the Superdome and the St. Louis cemetery which seems very extensive to me.  New Orleans could be compared to an old woman who was once very elegant and has live long enough to tell many a story.  There are beautiful French inspired buildings, modern structures and run down or abandoned sites, all merged together in close proximity.  It is exciting, sad and fascinating all at once.

Back in the Old Quarter, I could really see the influence of French architecture. It reminded me of Quebec City somehow.  We walked down some of the main streets such as Decatur and Bourbon Street as the sun set.

bourbon street
Me on Bourbon Street

We stopped to see St. Louis Basilica where Pope John Paul II had visited, the statue of Joan of Arc, a few shops and of course a bar or two.  At one point a parade came down Bourbon Street to usher in a group of people with name tags, probably all conference goers.  Someone handed me a mask and some beads were given to Leon.  The tradition here is that beads are thrown at someone when you want them to do something, like take their top off.  Leon kept his on till he got home, anyway.

bead tree NOLA
The beads are everywhere.  Mardi Gras was just a week ago.  Even the Joan of Arc Statue had beads on it.


St Louis Basilica

Dinner was at the French Market where we listened to good music (always live) and dined on shrimp. After that, we wandered over to Frenchmen’s street for some live music as we walked off diner before going back to Roadie.

I felt it was appropriate to be celebrating 90 days after surgery in this way.  Three months earlier, I could barely walk without concentrating on each step and holding on to Leon so I wouldn’t trip or lose my balance.  It would have been difficult to enjoy an evening such as this, let alone a whole day of touring.celebrating 3 months after surgery