Springing forward!

rec centre flowers

The flower pot at the local Recreation Center

We’ve been home from our travels for 3 weeks.  Spring has thankfully arrived in Langley, BC.  As it is my first full year living here, I am getting to experience the climate and surroundings that I’ve never known before.  So far, I am delighted with my move to the “wet” coast.  The cherry trees have blossomed, the tulips are out, the garden center at Walmart is open and I’ve just purchased 5 rose bushes for my backyard.

Last year, we had a scruffy tree out back, surrounded by a big patch of dirt!  Leon removed the tree and recently put down a patio to enlarge our cement pad and usable space.  We can now add a small table and chairs for cozy outdoor meals.  Our Muskoka chairs will now be used more often in the evenings with our newest addition, the firepit.  It was an inexpensive purchase from Lowes that I think will add a lot outdoor time to our summer nights.

I have further plans to add some shade plants along the side of the house to keep the dirt down and hopefully keep animals from using the corner under the kitchen window for their “needs”.  And then I plan to put river rocks along the small strip of dirt along the garage wall.  There will be pots of fill as well, but I haven’t got that far in my planning yet.walmart garden center



2 thoughts on “Springing forward!

    • Yes, that pot was amazing! Very large too! I want to make up similar pots for the summer.mimguess the best thing it to get inspiration from others.


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