imageToday was a relaxed day.  We had decided to stay one more day in Palm Springs just to enjoy the pool and catch up on our reading and writing.  The morning was bright with clear blue skies.  Leon remarked that a cloud in the sky must be a major weather event.  He was even starting to wonder if they ever employed weathermen in this region.  It seems each day is as lovely, sunny and warm as the next.

So we opened the top hatch of the camper, opened the doors and took our coffee and breakfast outside as we checked our mail.  I decided it was a good time to clean the camper and wash the floor, all 5 X 3 ft of it.  Then we got around to repairing our window screens.  They had come loose and sagged badly.  Let’s just say that the most directionally challenged of insects would have no trouble finding a way in. It took little effort and about 45 minutes to make all the repairs.  Then we opened all the windows wide and let the warm breezes in!

After a light lunch of salad, I put on my bathing suit and headed for the larger but cooler swimming pool.  I enjoyed a solitary swim, lost in my thoughts as I looked at the palm trees against the blue skies.  Leon joined me for a while but the wind had become cooler so we decided to switch to the adult pool which is at a therapeutic 85F.  We enjoyed a cool drink and read.  Leon happened to remember the book exchange in the campground office and grabbed a good read.  After 2 hours of lounging, the sun was getting lower in the sky, and, since we are in the shadow of Mt. San Jacinto (some 10,834 ft high), we were losing the light quickly.

feetI grabbed a few books myself and went off to a hot shower to rinse off the pool scum.  Of course, clumsy me, I caught my big toe in the door as I opened it and removed a chunk of skin as I broke the nail.  Sheesh!

Anyway, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the book I picked up – A town named Alice by Nevil Shute.  It was made into a miniseries at some point.  The title caught my eye.  So far, I’m finding it hard to put down.  Isn’t that funny how some books just pull you in and others you don’t seem to be able to finish? Well I pushed myself to finish the Happiness Project, so at least I got to give it to the book exchange library here.

This evening is all about more reading and writing.  I tried to blog today but it’s too hard to see in the bright sun and I didn’t want to sit inside the camper and miss the gorgeous weather.  So here I am.