DSCN4854This week has been about getting our trusty Roadie ready for our next roadtrip.  It occurred to me last week that it’s been 18 months since our last camper trip. Leon and I have been planning to travel during retirement since we bought our camper in 2012.  We’ve driven from coast to coast more than once in that time, but we held off on our southern travels until we could go during the cooler months.  Some might say we are escaping winter.  I wouldn’t put it that way.  We haven’t felt the need to escape our new home in that sense and I wouldn’t say that our itinerary reflects the typical snowbird trajectory.  The other thing that may be atypical is that we have no great need to find a place to settle into once we do go south.  Leon is a bit of a gypsy, I’d say.  He likes to move around, frequently.  The proof of that is the many moves we’ve had since we met 9 years ago.  It’s a good thing I downsized and reduced our belongings drastically last year.  Less to move in future years!

I’ve been watching TV shows that feature tiny houses.  People look for or build a dream home that is less than 200 sq ft.  The homes are on a trailer and can be moved easily.  Some are meant as permanent homes, others as cottages.  One episode I watched yesterday featured an actual shed with a loft.  I can’t imagine living in that, no matter how inexpensive it is!  But as I went to bed last night, I realized our camper is just another version of a tiny house.  I think we could fit almost 2 of our campers in our luxurious bedroom.  You might think that this too small for you, but I love the secure cozy feeling I get when we are in Roadie.  Everything we need is inside.  And the whole purpose of travelling this way is to get outside as much as we can.  We just park, put out the awning, take out the chairs and the bbq and we are ready for the night.  Simple!