me and Leon in front of Opera House
me and Leon in front of the Sydney Opera House 2011

Boy, I have really fallen behind on writing and editing the CLEE blog as well as keeping updated copies of newsletters from other exchange groups.  So, today, I have updated the On Exchange page.  More work will be done on that in the future.

Some notable items are that we no longer have a newsletter format for Ontario or Ottawa chapters of CLEE.  All information will be found on our blog  I hope you will drop by and add any stories, comments or blog links.  It’s fun to hear from past exchange teachers too as their experience is so valued by the present and prospective exchange teachers.

I was reading the past president’s report on the ITA newsletter and she mentioned that teaching exchanges in Victoria, Australia have fallen off in recent years.  If you are considering a teaching exchange or perhaps know of someone who might be, then by all means point them to this blog, the CLEE blog or to the Canadian Education Exchange Foundation where so many teaching exchange wishes are granted by our fairy Godmother, Carol W.

I also wanted to mention that the good people in Victoria, AU have sent up a lovely network of homestay contacts if you plan to go back and visit Australia (as we do).  This info is found in their ITA newsletter may 2015. Great initiative!