We were at Miracle Beach Provincial Park last night, just south of Campbell River.  When we finally made it to the beach at sunset, we realized we should have brought the camera, the view is that outstanding!  So I woke up early this morning and got Leon to come see the sunrise with me.  It was rather cool out there at 5:45am.  I hadn’t slept much between finishing my book late last night and several aches and pains in my joints.

After viewing the sunrise, we went right back to our campsite, hopped into Roadie where the bed was still warm and fell promptly asleep until 9:30am.  Good start to the day, right?

By the way, for you salmon lovers, we bought a whole salmon yesterday for $8.  I grilled it with some lemon slices, dill, salt and pepper and we still have enough left for 2 meals.  You can bet those wasps were licking their chops when I turned off the bbq.