Ste Anne des Monts

We are finally here!  I’ve been wanting to revisit this town since I was here in 2007.  We were lucky enough to get a campground right on the waterfront, thus fulfilling my dream of listening to the waves and looking out at the sea when I wake up.  I did just that when I woke up at 4:35am.  The sun rises really early around here!  But I did go back to sleep until a more civilized hour, 8:30am.

20130704_183401We are off for a bike ride to town.  I’ll write a whole lot more later.  Maybe between the walk on the beach and the crab dinner we intend to have.



2 thoughts on “Ste Anne des Monts

  1. I was just reading my previous comments. It seemed to be a bit scrambled in places…’cut and paste” from wiki isn’t always perfect. The one comment I wanted to make was the Bonadventure Island and the town of Bonadventure are not near each other…could be a bit misleading. I’ll try and give you a few other small tips later….enjoyla Cte-Nord.



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