Leon’s birthday!

flag of denmarkToday is Leon’s birthday so naturally I cooked some Danish food.  It’s his favourite, after all.  I made Ceasars with Ariane’s Danish Vodka so I could sip as I cooked. The menu was frikadeller (f-eye-ka-della), boiled baby potatoes, brown gravy and red cabbage (rodkaal).  Dessert was rabarber grod (rhubarb stewed with extra sugar and milk added).  It might sound strange but it was really yummy. And the rhubarb was cut fresh from our garden. Leon was making happy noises as he ate.  The asparagus are probably not Danish, but I like a bit of green on the plate.

Happy Birthday Leon!!


One thought on “Leon’s birthday!

  1. YOu look you have been having a wonderful trip so far! Mom and dad said you are welcome to their home if you want to drive in the Baie Ste-Marie between Digby and Yarmouth. They live in Little Brook. agaudet21@eastlink.ca Too bad…you could have been here with me! Oh well! C’est la vie! 🙂


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