20130427_185526Today, I went to an IT workshop.  We are trying to use iPads in our classrooms yet few of us have much training.  So it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get a bit more knowledge on the subject.  I borrowed a school iPad and off I went to learn with my colleagues.  I haven’t got all the answers yet, more questions, actually, but I am willing to spend the summer learning how to use an iPad, especially if I can get one assigned to me by the school.  It was a really good morning and it’s always nice to spend time in creative discussion with my fellow teachers and IT people.

I had planned a very different afternoon.  Off I went to Ikea, to find some “beachy” accessories for my den.  It’s no secret that I love the ocean and anything associated with it.  I’ve been trying to get that look for a while, but ended up with 50 shades of grey instead.  Ok, time for some blues, turquoises and creams.  I found some interesting throw pillows earlier this week in my travels to Winners and HomeOutfitters but I needed more.  Today, I managed to find 2 turquoise pillar candles, 2 cream cotton pillow covers (after debating over every shade of blue and green), a throw for the couch (avocado green with some turquoise in it) and a few straw accessories for the mantel and kitchen table.  I also bought a towel rack and a tissue holder for the powder room, which has yet to be completely decorated.  For this measly amount of items and barely noticeable changes, I spent 2 hours.  It’s a good thing shopping burns calories too!

When I got home, I put out my new treasures and surveyed their effect on the room.  Not really noticeable, I have to say.  Darn!  I guess I’ll have to spend more time looking at blogs and websites.  My latest fascination is House of Turquoise.  Oh my God, this woman understands me better than my husband!  Well, maybe when it comes to decor, anyway.  I could spend the next several days online looking at turquoise, coastal, beach side, cottage-style decor.  Maybe that will be my second career…

Spring dinner
Spring dinner

Leon arrived in time for an afternoon soak in the hot tub (my body was aching from the shopping), so we sat and chatted for almost an hour.  Next, the task of finding a low-calorie, filling dinner.  I settled on a grilled steak, shared between us on a bed of arugula, red onions, grape tomatoes and cucumber with a light dressing.  Total time to make, about 5 minutes!  This is what I love about summer.  I know, it’s still 10C outside, in the sunshine, but we can pretend summer is almost here.

I just wanted to mention and thank Mrs. Padilly who helped me improve my blog picture format tremendously.  Look what I’ve learned how to do – the pictures have borders of any colour I want.  You’ve already guessed what colour I picked without looking.  Thanks Mrs. Padilly!

Tomorrow is a very special day – my daughter’s 23rd birthday.  It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated her 21st birthday with a pitiful vanilla cream cake I found at the after hours market in Anglesea, Australia.  This year will be a bit better organized.  We are having brunch at a country restaurant, followed by homemade rainbow bits cake.  Her present will hopefully be a huge surprise, so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

We have a busy weekend coming up.  The exchange teachers are coming to Ottawa for the annual Spring Conference.  On the agenda are a visit to local schools, tea at the Australian High Commission, a city tour, bbq dinner on Friday and family dinner at Tucker’s in the Byward Market.  We may have some exchange teachers staying with us, but I haven’t been advised so far.  I’ll have to see how the week goes.