family time in the pool
family time in the pool

Earlier in the week, we had the other grandparents visit our resort.  Once again, the suite turned out to be just the spot for whale watching, a few cervezas (the local brand is Tecate) and time to ooh and aah over the grandson.

Leon, his son Ryan and KO.  Great visit with the family!
Leon, his son Ryan and KO. Great visit with the family!

The weather was lovely each day and actually got warmer as the week went on.  On Thursday, when the cruise ships come to port in Los Cabos, we were treated to a terrific  display of whale jumping.  Many times, it seems there is a mother and calf, so you see  the great flap of the mother’s tail and then the calf might do a jump or even a spin in the air.  Lots of splashing and then perhaps you’ll see the mother’s long dark back as she comes up for a bit.  I am not sure what kind of whale we were seeing, perhaps a grey whale or a humpback whale, not an orca, for sure.

Humpback whale breaching -
Humpback whale breaching –Whale watching in Los Cabos

We had thought of going scuba diving but Leon said there was a lot of boat traffic when they were in Los Cabos to go fishing, so we didn’t bother for fear of trying to avoid boat propellers.  Besides, the best diving is not this time of year, due to the winds.  It seems the marine park gets too windswept so the visibility is not good and they suggest you dive where the cruise ships and other sailing vessels are, the same place the famous rock formations are found. So in the end, I didn’t get to see much of Los Cabos or its famous landmarks, but I did see a lot of the locals (whales, I mean) and my Spanish continues to progress.