This weekend is not nearly as active as last weekend.  It was the usual busy week at work.  Friday, we invited our friends Milton and Judith for a nice barbie.  The weather turned rather cold so I came home and decided to bake the stuffed chickens in the oven.  I told our guests we were having a Canadian Thanksgiving, a little early.  We have a lovely dinner accompanied by a very nice rose from the Yarra Valley – Yarrawood.

Yesterday, we lounged around, then we went over to Milton’s to finish off my silver pinkie ring.  I think it came out quite nice.  There is enough material left for a few more pieces, so I am thinking on that.  Our evening was spent keeping warm, cozied up in front of the TV while I marked projects.

The general theme continues today with more marking, some cooking for a sick friend and a walk in the cool (spring?) air.  After dinner, we have tickets to see at play at the local theatre – a grand old building.

Back to work tomorrow.  This week features 2 parent/teacher interview evenings, preparation for tests and final essays and me starting another online university course.  We are on the countdown for our next vacation up to the Alice.  And Leon is still waiting to hear if his house will be sold.  Never a dull moment here…