Finally, a published author!

Well, let’s not get too excited. A few weeks ago, I was asked to write an article for my professional magazine about my exchange in Australia.  You can find it at here.  It’s in the June 2011 Agenda magazine under the title: OECTA members trade places to teach in Australia for one year.  I am rather proud to be asked to contribute my thoughts and experiences for my peers to read.  Maybe it will encourage others to look into teacher exchanges.  I’m told they are always looking for people to exchange with here and that the program was much bigger some years back.

I hope you enjoy the article.

2 thoughts on “Finally, a published author!

  1. Great to find you here, Helen. I hope you’ll get a chance to read some of the older posts detailing my preparations and travel to this point.


  2. Wonderful to connect with your adventures Down Under. Getting published is such a thrill. Looking forward to reading more. ETEC 565 just taught me how to set up and subscribe to RSS feeds. I’ll get your next post delivered right to my inbox. Keep writing!


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