A week ago today, I was at camp for the beginning of 3 days of activities with the grade 7s.  Wednesday was a very rainy day, so there was no way to stay dry as we took 120 students to a bush area for a series of outdoor activities.  The food was plentiful, the kids were noisy (but nice), the outdoor spaces were expansive and wildlife was easy enough to find.  After a full day and night of rain, day 2 was cloudy but mild and day 3 was sunny and hot as you would expect this time of year.  I slept well but came home all sore from walking up and down the hills on the property.  On the second day, I had walked up the hill so often, I decided to take the long way around through the path.  But halfway, I thought I’d walk across the lower part of the hill.  I wasn’t prepared for the mob of kangaroos I walked in on.  Then as I was doubling back to tell the students about them, a couple of other students started scaring the kangaroos towards me.  Those beauties are quite tall when they stand up and look at you to defend their territory.  And they kept rubbing their bellies as if to say:  yumm, humans… I stayed out of their way but I have now officially seen a lot of kangaroos and up close.

I rushed home from camp to meet up with Leon and the Hippie Van so we could begin our weekend trip to Port Fairy and the Music Festival.  Leon was late and by the time we left the house, it was 1/2 hour from dark.  And then the service engine light went on in the van.  We called the emerg number and they told us to ignore the light, basically.  At any rate, we drove almost 5 hours in the dark to Port Fairy and arrived after midnight.  A good thing we didn’t have to set up a tent in the dark.  The van was quite comfy and we were located just a few hundred feet from the entrance of the festival.  Great shows!!!  We ate our own food, which I cooked out of the back of the van, drank lots of good wine (make that bubbly for me) and walked all over the venue, the town and met some nice people along the way.  We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend (except maybe warmer sleeping bags on Sunday when the temp dropped down substantially).  We returned on Monday, with a long drive through pretty country.  I have a small souvenir in the form of a cold, but I have survived to tell the tale.

This week, it’s business as usual around here.  School is moving along and we are already talking report cards and term break (starting April 9).  Our next adventure starts Friday in Ballarat where we will spend the weekend.  We do intend to return early on Sunday to take in the local Olive Festival.

beach at Port Fairy
packed like sardines at the campgrounds
short chairs no blow dryer for 6 days still cute

Oh, the wine of choice for weekends and bubbles is Yellow, and the day to day white wine, at only $2.99 is Bowler’s Run.  I even found a 3 pack of Henkel Trocken for $10.  It’s really, really hard not to have wine daily around here.  Did I mention that?

the view from our hippie van - most middle aged ladies would agree this was convenient