For those of you who were hoping for more pictures.  Imagine you are lying in bed and about to turn the light out when this little guy crawls by on the carpet.

white tail spider

You calmly tell your husband to please grab him and flush him, which he kindly does.  End of story.  Then hubby dear looks up the critter the next morning on the net to discover it is actually the rather nasty, venomous white tail, reputed to cause necrosis of the skin when they bite.  We’ll Leon says there is little evidence of that last claim.  But with my luck, I’d be the case study to prove it!  Yuck, yuck and double yuck!!!

On a cheerier note, we encountered this sweet guy a few days back in the back yard.  He was sunning himself on the warm bricks.  As you can see, he’s really not a big lizard so he’s not frightening at all.  He does have a blue tongue, which is his only defense.  He is known to stick it out at predators to scare them away as they would be surprised by the blue tongue inside a pink/red mouth.  Sometimes, he likes to sit in the grass and tries to scare the lawnmower with his blue tongue trick.  We haven’t actually seen that, but it sounds so cute.

blue tongue lizard
blue tongue in perspective

We also read that he likes dog food, so we figured he might have been looking for a snack as a dog usually lives here.  Leon considered buying some dog treats to attract him, but we are not sure we want to adopt a pet.  He sure is cute though.  And you mustn’t confuse him with a snake.  He does have legs.  We checked before we approached him.  Unfortunately, we haven’t seen him since.

We had nesting pigeons when we got here, but they have flown away since then.  Then Leon discovered a nasty crime scene where only feathers we left as evidence of a brutal bird assault.  We are not sure if it was a cat or those pesky common mynahs.  They were all over the place when the little pigeons were learning to fly.  They seem rather aggressive.

That’s my bird watching report this week.  Leon has been eyeing a new camera with telephoto lens.  I think it will be his early birthday present.  And hopefully, we will have all kinds of good pics to upload soon.