I’ve noticed that many people are checking this blog for new posts and I am really happy I seem to be gaining a following.  I’ve added a subscription service so that you can be notified each time a new post is made on the blog.  I’ve also added an area where you can see the most recent comments people have made.  You can rate the posts and comment on them anytime you like and I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.  In the meantime, the mossies are so happy for the fresh Canadian flesh that I’ve had to switch to industrial strength repellent, 80% DEET!  That can’t be good for anyone.  At least they are not biting me right now.  I was a bit of a feast for them yesterday.  And I really like sitting outside around here.

this is what a gourmet Canadian meal looks like to a mossie

Had lunch with the French teachers today in town.  They are a great lot!  Of course, our French dept in Orleans was always terrific too.  They will invite me to the French teachers of Bendigo group they have going.  Looking forward to it.