I was reading my blog posts from last year around this date.  I was planning the wedding and wondering what to wear.  And it seems, just as this year, I was looking to lose a pound or two.  I can’t remember too many years in my life that I haven’t wished I could lose a few pounds.  Pretty sad what women do to themselves for the sake of beauty.  Of course nowadays, it’s about better health.  I never did get a personal trainer or sign up for Goodlife like my friends did.  Instead, I sat at my computer for hours and hours, trying to complete my grad studies.  I really do hope I will get  back to regular exercise for parts other than my fingers in the coming weeks.  I am actually missing getting dressed up for work each day.  It’s been fun being a student and spending six months renovating a house, but it’s time to become a teacher again.  What interesting adventures await us!