Leon was in town for the weekend for some business meetings.  We decided to stay at the hotel as it was closer for him to get to work each morning – and he did work each morning, Fri, Sat and Sun!  In the meantime, I worked really hard on my course and did some marking.  We met each evening for  a lovely dinner and some time alone.  On Sat night, we decided to visit the turning rooftop restaurant for a drink.  It was a clear night, so we could see the whole city like a jewel.  How lovely and romantic.

Today, we spent the afternoon at the spa.  First a massage, then the hot and cold baths.  We really only did the hot baths and sat by the fireplace inside the gazebo.  We both dozed a few times in front of the fire.  Zzzzz….

We had just enough time for dinner at St.Hubert and I had to drop him off at the airport.  Boohoo….  Time always flies when we are together.  The next adventure has not been set yet.  Let’s see when we get together for the next honeymoon.