So many people sent their good wishes for our marriage.  I haven’t written back to each one individually yet.  I was hoping to receive my wedding photos soon and add just the right one with a personal message.  I hope that is not tacky in this electronic age.  Frankly, I don’t have time to check the etiquette book about it.  But in the meantime, here is a shout out to those of you who sent wishes and who are following my blog:  Hi to Carole, Manon, the ladies from the book club, Peter and Irene from Calgary, Lorraine and Mike in Halifax, Guy my old prof from Ottawa U, my sister and brother, many of my coworkers, Sally and Anna, Joy in Barbados and Joy in Ottawa, Bill – all the way from China, and of course my former neighbours who joined us for the Tropical Party.  I also want to mention some of Leon’s friends, former colleagues in Ottawa and his family.

If you are wondering what is next for us – the next visit is my trip to BC on March 12.  That nicely coincides with our first month anniversary.  Unbelievable!  Most days I hardly feel married.  Of course I can’t wait for us to be living in the same house, not just visiting.  I’ve been packing up my suitcase to visit Leon’s for almost 3 yrs now!  It will be nice to settle down for a while.

Some of my friends are asking what is in the future for us.  The truth is that we haven’t made any major plans beyond my leave of absence starting in June.  We plan to work on the house while I complete my grad certificate.  I have to return to work by Feb 2011 so we will make adjustments and finalize plans then.  This seems like a lull in a sense after so many months of planning to join Leon and then our possible transfer to Europe for a job for me.  That dream is not dead, I just want to focus on being with Leon and enjoying my kids as they move onto another phase of their life (one is graduating high school, one is returning from a six-months cultural exchange).

The flowers I received last weekend are still lovely and unbelievably, my bouquet is still nice.  It’s kind of drying, still all wrapped in ribbon.