Have you ever seen the movie Shirley Valentine? I went to Greece looking for my Shirley Valentine moment. I didn’t find it on Mykonos where the movie was filmed, but I did find it eventually. Follow along to see where my moment happened!

Turning my world upside down!

imageWe got up and out by 7am and drove towards a town named Korfos for a bite to eat. I was frankly starving by this time, with the last meal having been before 4pm the previous day. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a restaurant open at this hour for me to have eggs. The bakeries and cafes were already filling and the smell of pastry sure was enticing.

We drove around to have a look and then went back into Mykonos town where we found a perfect place to eat and park our vehicle for a few hours. After breakfast, we walked leisurely around Mykonos before most people arrived from the cruise ships. The town is very charming with a Venetian quarter, windmills and some fabulous little shops. Of course the old port adds to the charm and beauty of the place.image

By 11am, we decided to go on an adventure…

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