Dieppe is a lovely town with a fortified city high above cliffs. It was the scene of terrible losses for the Canadians during WWI when they tried to land forces and tanks but we basically ended up sitting helpless on the beach as the enemy fired from above.

According to Leon, it was an ill-conceived landing that resulted in hundreds of men being lost. We took a walk on those beaches, imagining the battle. The beach is all covered in stones, making it pretty well impossible to move heavy equipment as planned.


After that, we took a short walk in the lower city where I snapped a picture on an interesting plaque which was a tribute to Les Filles du Roy, ancestors to many of our French Canadians.

dieppe filles du roy

Our hotel in Dieppe was off the highway, so we decide to walk to the only restaurant nearby (if you don’t include McDonalds) for dinner.  It was a steakhouse called Poivre Rouge, part of a large chain. This is where I encountered the only snarky French server during our stay in France. My dinner included a baked potato. When I cut into it, it was rotted inside. I had to go find the server, as she was not wanting to make eye contact with us in a virtually empty restaurant, and ask for a replacement.  The potato she brought was almost as big as my head! That’s what I get for ordering baked instead of fried…

dieppe restaurant