Memories CubaA girlfriend from Halifax announced that she was leaving for Cuba next week.  I inquired about the location she would be staying at and she invited me to come along.  She is travelling with a girlfriend as her husband can’t get away from work.  I looked into the resort myself and found the prices reasonable.  I thought Leon might like to come along.  But on further investigation, I found the price for single or double occupancy are the same!  My friend and her girlfriend are each taking separate rooms.  So I could do the same for no extra cost.  It has the makings of a girls’ trip!

I am taking the evening to think about it.  My flight would be longer than theirs as I have to go through Calgary and then fly across the continent while they are flying directly south.  As I read the reviews on the resort, I found out it is very large and I would have to ask for a specific block in order to have a room near them.  Good to know.

Cuba is not renown for its food.  Being gluten and dairy free has its challenges already but I suppose I can be happy that rum is gluten free!  I guess I’ll drink more and eat little.

hobie cat CubaOne of the things I like about the resort is that is has free water activities like Hobie Cat sailing.  That is one thing I missed during my last 2 vacations in Mexico.  And of course the beach will be very nice and the water is probably quite warm at this time of year. It shows promise for an unexpected holiday.