Cteachr (retired)

Today is my first day of retirement. Odd to write this.  I started this journey in 1988 when I left my job in retail to return to university for one more year and fulfill a childhood ambition.  The road to finding permanent work in education was not direct nor easy but as I look back on my career as evidenced in my LinkedIn profile or professional blogs, I see that there is no denying I am a teacher and likely always will remain so.  Clearly, my brand is the biggest giveaway to what I do for a living! So now, that begs the question, should my login be changed to cteachr(retired)?

3 thoughts on “Cteachr (retired)

  1. You are so encouraging. Thanks! 5th wheel sounds like just the thing for long stays down south. So many of my friends are visiting Italy this year. Leon and I will be making plans as soon as the October election has happened. I will certainly keep all informed.

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  2. Definitely not! Once a teacher always a teacher. The only thing that has changed is the teaching subject…”Life’s Journey” I often say to myself. “Should I be doing this at my age?” Well, most of the time I continue. We recently purchased a 5th wheel camper for our winter stays in Key West, FL. In September, we will embark on a “Space A” flight to Italy (with the military) for a possibly two month hiatus. Keep your brand as is and let us share where life brings you!


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