Leon gets Shanghaied!

Leon went back to BC for a short trip to work on his house so it might sell soon.  It all turned out well except he caught bad cold.  Because he had booked his flight at the last minute, he ended up having to travel through Beijing and Shanghai to get to Melbourne.  His trip home started out well enough, in spite of the 3am departure.  He arrived in Beijing where there was a bit of a delay and a long stopover.  He decided to have a bite to eat at the airport.  Some KFC seemed safe enough.  But the menu wasn’t really in English and the pictures were too poor to make out what he wanted to order, so he settled on a bowl of Chinese beef and noodles from another restaurant.  Within a short while he was regreting his choice, trying to get rid of a lump of food that obviously wasn’t happy in his stomach.  By the time his plane was boarding, he was wondering if he shouldn’t seek medical attention, the stomach pains were so bad.

He boarded the plane, his back now out from coughing so hard.  He tried to get rid of that evil noodle dish a few more times with several visits to the toilet, but felt little relief.  Once he got to Shanghai, several people got off the plane as they waited on the tarmac.  Leon decided to take a sleeping pill, some cough syrup and some Tylenol for his back.  He couldn’t get comfortable sitting in his seat so he decided to lie down in the aisle while the plane waited for departure due to a fog delay.  About 2 hours later, he was awakened by the flight attendant telling him that they were leaving for the hotel as the plane would not be leaving until morning.  You can imagine how confused he was at that point.

He ended up sleeping in a nice hotel room and recovered almost completely after a good night’s sleep.  He finally left Shanghai and arrived in Melbourne at 10pm, almost 48 hours after he had left Vancouver.  It’s a good thing Leon has a great sense of humour.  I don’t think I would have been so cheery after that experience.  I wonder if he wants to go out for Chinese food this week?

2 thoughts on “Leon gets Shanghaied!

  1. Thanks Cheri. I think he actually tried an American style breakfast on the way to BC in Beijing. It was an egg on Spam or something, so he thought eating the local food might be better. He was wrong…

    More adventures coming, as soon as I get time away from my report cards.


  2. Catherine:
    If Leon knew he wanted Chinese, he should have ordered some in Vancouver and taken it with him on the plane! Too bad he got so sick. I do enjoy reading your blogs.


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