We just get busier…

Sorry I haven’t written much lately.  We’ve had a guest from Canada this week.  A young artist from Edmonton, Ann Vriend, came to give workshops in song writing at our school, so they asked me if I could put her up for 2 nights.  In exchange, we were invited to a lovely dinner at the Wine Bank to celebrate our guest.  Great dinner with some of the teachers in the Arts dept at La Valla (my campus).  One of the teachers has a mum who is quite the wine expert, so he ordered us a nice bottle of Black Jack, a pricey, delicious Shiraz from the Castlemaine area.  Terrific!!  And it was Leon’s night to drive, teehee.  Dinner for me was a great pasta with chorizo and tomato sauce.  Leon had a curried chicken with rice and raita.  Delish!!

I am pleased to announce that Leon has finally found some work with the military here.  Hurray for him!! He seemed quite excited to go off to Pukapanyal today for an overnight at the base there. I am not sure what his project will be, but I am sure it will be far more stimulating that being the perfect house husband he has been in the past 7 weeks.  Oh well, it sure is hard to keep good help these days…

I’ve booked the flights for the kids.  They arrive on May 3rd.  We’ve also rented a beach house near the Great Ocean Road for the weekend after they arrive.  I hope they will enjoy it, even if it will be well into fall by then.  The weather has been quite cool this week, sort of like September in Ottawa, 20C during the day, 5C at night.  Summer came and went and we never saw much of it, except for maybe 3 or 4 days of heat.

This weekend will be spent shopping for clothes and supplies for my year 7 camping trip next week.  Then when we get back, Leon will whisk me away to Port Fairy in our hippy van (which we are planning on renting) for a long weekend at the music festival there.  I’ve heard the town is gorgeous, by the sea and all.  And the festival is quite something else.  So those are our plans for the next 10 days.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t stop there.  We are going to Ballarat the following weekend.

In the meantime, my bum has sufficiently healed for me to go out cycling again.  I guess I have no excuses anymore not to get some exercise…

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